Interview with Digital Photo Pro magazine



Many thanks to Digital Photo Pro for the interview and portfolio feature. It was great chatting with Digital Photo Pro magazine about so many years of excellent mentorship under Rich Clarkson and alongside the fine team at Clarkson Creative, the last few years of building my own business and how I’m making the most of the latest Nikon gear and other technologies that enable the modern freelancer to keep pace on a global scale with the larger agencies of the world. We discussed some of the key lessons of those early years, the broad based approach to photography as a business (it takes a lot more than solid images in today’s market!) and the advent of wireless image transmission, lighting for action in the field, creating a number of my quick tutorials during assignments, and a host of other topics relevant to today’s digital shooter. You can find the November issue on newsstands now or grab the full digital edition online. Super happy to see one of my early portrait efforts see new life on the cover!

The November 2015 issue of Digital Photo Pro.
The November 2015 issue of Digital Photo Pro.







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