Photographing Cam Zink’s 100ft MTB Mammoth Backflip for World of X Games


UPDATE 09/02/2014: Nice to see the tutorial video picked up by FstoppersISO1200 and by DIY Photography!

Headed out to Mammoth Mountain CA last week for the World of X Games and the Guiness World Record breaking #MammothFlip event, where Cam Zink broke new ground, backflipping a mountain bike over 100ft from dirt to dirt before large crowds and an even larger live television audience.  Cam provided some great access in the days leading up to the event, which translated into a some great photographic coverage of all the practice and coursework that goes into creating an event like this, as well as an Bike Check to explore all the latest in mountain bike technology.

Photographing Cam Zink’s Mammoth Flip from Brett Wilhelm on Vimeo.

Since in the end, the entire few days of preparations all lead up to a singular event involving just a few seconds of action, planning coverage of the jump itself really took some special forethought and preparation, and, with a little luck on my side, everything I setup as far as remote cameras and lighting seemed to execute flawlessly, allowing me to capture a few angles on the actual event and still be in place to cover the celebrations and other happenings directly afterwards. Created a short instructional behind-the-scenes video about it for those interested in a little extra photographic information about the process.






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