Coworking Communities

In the last 15 years, laptops and the internet have fueled a new generation of freelancers, telecommuters and entrepreneurs. Many have turned to home offices, cafes and occasionally, executive suites, while they hammer away at the next Google, the next Amazon or the next TiVo. While most love the freedom and flexibility of being on their own and being their own boss, some miss the camaraderie and creativity of an office environment. Unfortunately there is large financial and logistical jump from the home/cafe space to leasing your own office, so a new school of thought is jumping in to fill that void, “coworking”. Deemed “a cooperative for the modern age” by the International Herald Tribune, coworking sites are cropping up around the country and across the globe.  These spaces are often outfitted with just the simplest of trappings, workers renting simple desks, WiFi connections and an almost mandatory caffeine source.  Armed with laptops and cellphones, this highly mobile workforce comes together to share ideas, talents and resources. Sound like something you’d be interested in? See if there is a coworking space near you. Different coworking sites offer different flavors, but the common ethos remains the same: a space where independents, entrepreneurs and creatives can assemble to stoke the flames of the next big idea.






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