The Portraits

Over the last year or two a great deal of portrait work has come my way, much of it with artists via Red Bull Sound Select, and it's been a real shift for me, as primarily a photojournalist, to adapt my shooting style to the more formalized portrait setting.  The technical aspects of lighting have been fun to explore and refine, but the real challenge as a portraitist was the mental shift to communicating and directing from the behind the camera. So much of my work for years has been striving to be as unobtrusive as possible in photojournalistic settings, to let events happen as they come, to be the proverbial "fly on the wall".  Portraits require an altogether different approach, from creating the scene to directing the talent, putting them first at ease and then coaxing out the expressions and emotive elements you desire. The learning process, while always a challenge, has been enjoyable nonetheless! Presented here is a sampling of that work, hope you enjoy.  






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