Photographing the NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship Weekend

Just returned from a week in Indianapolis at the 2015 NCAA Men's Final Four at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Always a highlight of the year and a chance to reconnect with my former colleagues at NCAA Photos.  Always love stepping back in to the Big Dance once a year.  I'm not a true basketball fan, but the energy and enthusiasm of the student athletes, staff and nearly 100,000 fans in town are always hard to beat. Here's a look at some of my early favorite images from my courtside position, shooting with two hand held Nikon D4s cameras, running the 70-200mm f2.8 lens and 300mm f2.8 lens, respectively, then another Nikon D4s floor remote positioned directly in front of me and pointed up at the basket with a 24-120mm f4 lens set to approximately 35mm.    






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  1. Herbert Moore Avatar

    Championship events are worth attending because the athletes make a lot of challenging baskets.

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