Building Your Outdoor & Adventure Photography Business

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UPDATE: Photoshelter has now released an excerpt on their blog, a great way to get a teaser on some of the content before you download the guide.

Had the great good fortune to help contribute to Photoshelter’s latest guide, Building Your Outdoor & Adventure Photography Business, alongside friends and fellow pros Corey Rich, Lucas Gilman, Chris Burkard and Krystle Wright as well as a host of other talented professionals in the industry. Enjoyed sharing a number of hard-earned tips and lessons I’ve gathered over the years shooting action and adventure outdoors, touched on some workflow tips and gave an overview of the Nikon wireless transmission systems I helped develop for clients like ESPN’s XGames as well as the NCAA.  Finally taking some time to discuss the benefits of the workshop environment that Rich Clarkson and my fine former colleagues have built over the last 30 years, including the Adventure Photography Workshop where Corey, Lucas and Chris are regular faculty and Krystle is an outstanding alum.







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